ADG in Germany

The Academy of German Cooperatives ADG is part of the Cooperative Association. As one of the leading management academies in Germany, ADG offers cooperative banks and cooperative enterprises a wide range of high-quality management and qualification programs, higher education study programs (Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD), seminars, workshops, forums and Tailor-made in-house solutions for all current issues. For many years, ADG has been a point of contact for the 972 German Cooperative Banks, with around 155,000 employees, and over 3,300 product, energy, consumption and service cooperatives, as well as more than 1,300 industrial cooperatives, with a total of around 700,000 employees.


With over 45 years of experience as a management and financial training institution, ADG has become a reference for high quality capacity development to German cooperative leaders. Among its unique features are well-equipped seminar spaces that provide a professional training environment and are embedded in ADG's historic facilities - offering a special ambience combined with modern settings.

Besides serving the national market, ADG applies its long-standing experience in international cooperation projects through its department ADG International.

Scope of work

We at ADG are committed to developing the skills of your company´s most valuable asset: the people.

Our formats

At national level, we add to it by offering, at Montabaur castle, a broad program of standardized

  • Trainings
  • Seminars
  • University degrees (B.A. and M.A.)
  • Workshops
  • and Forums

Individualized solutions: We provide individualized training solutions for cooperative clients realized in their own company environment, facilitating seminars completely fitted to the company's needs.

Our courses: Focusing on leaders and higher management, we at ADG follow a top-quality value proposition when designing our course concepts. Contents are defined by the challenges our cooperative clients are facing, answering their most fundamental training requirements and serving our main focus group to further develop the skills of their people. Courses are continuously revised and redesigned in order to guarantee that contents are always up-to-date and that upcoming developments are duly considered.

Specialties: Within the program ADG offers specific general management training for prospective bank CEOs certified and required by the German Banking Supervisory Authorities. Additionally, ADG provides the necessary education to become cooperative auditor as required by the Confederation DGRV.

Key facts

ADG’s profile in brief for 2016: