Developed and provided by the “Confédération International des Banques Populaires” in close cooperation with ADG International, LINK unites managers from Cooperative Central Banks of various countries for a unique learning experience.

The LINK-program is focused on preparing participants from the cooperative environment for current and future challenges to better support their customers in the globalised world. It aims to create a network among managers of CIBP member organizations and other cooperative institutions to foster cross-border cooperation and to increase knowledge sharing of general management and banking practices.

One training cycle of
3 modules on 3 topics in 3 countries?

Each training cycle consists of three modules each of which takes place in another member country. Every module is coordinated by the hosting countries and the CIBP General Secretariat.

Their topical focus lies on Strategy, Leadership and Innovation which is emphasized through cooperative ideas and key trends in Europe, Canada, Morocco, Japan and the Americas. Every cycle starts in Montabaur at ADG and further develops in 2 alternating countries thereby offering every year a slightly different perspective on recurring topics − depending on the emphasis and the interpretation of the host country.

This international exposure cultivates intercultural communication and competence between the participants and helps to further LINK internationally working cooperative institutions.

Your contact person:

Elena Uriostegui

International Economics (M.A.)