ADG International Study Tours

“A desk is a dangerous place from which to watch the world”

This quotation by John le Carré unfortunately also proves to be true when it comes to training approaches where financial sector practitioners remain at their desk or their daily work environment, isolated and secluded from the outside world. However, one of the core principles of ADG is that exchange amongst practitioners, especially on an international level, stands out as a key success factor for sustainable development.

Thus, ADG International designs tailor-made exposure visits, which allow managers to learn in a different and stimulating surrounding. Modern versatile facilitation techniques for relevant topics are combined with site visits to suitable German institutions – such as Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken, KfW Entwicklungsbank, BaFin or Bundesbank amongst many others. Furthermore, associations on a regional as well as on a national level can be an integral part of the exposure visit.

Personalized exposure visits with ADG enable bank managers, specialists, and other financial sector practitioners to learn from good-practice approaches in their specific fields by gaining direct insights into practice by exchanging with German counterparts - be it from the cooperative sector, other financial sectors or industrial sectors. Through professional facilitation, participants are able to transfer the lessons learned to their individual financial institutions’ organization and processes.

"Tailor-made" not only includes an individualized training agenda agreed upon, but also a non-standardized training format. Classroom sessions are planned according to your individual needs and requirements comprising a careful choice of trainers/experts and a suitable training methodology (incl. simulation games, case studies etc.). 

Practical exchange is not limited to German institutions. In addition, we suggest to invite financial sector practitioners from other countries whenever appropriate. 

Finally, the participants are accommodated at our well-equipped seminar hotel, Schloss Montabaur, providing an excellent learning environment combined with various recreation and restaurant facilities. 

How can your organization benefit?

  1. Practical experience exchange with stakeholders and practitioners from a similar field to learn from best practices and another country's experiences
  2. Stimulate the team building process through an exceptional common experience, improving the communication and collaboration within your institution and among departments
  3. Building international networks
  4. Fostering the transfer of theory into practice

Your contact person:

Elena Uriostegui

International Economics (M.A.)