ADG, located at Montabaur Castle, offers its clients a place where history, sophisticated design, and the latest technology merge - making it an ideal place to perform high-level training, conferences and events.

The premises

The history of the castle dates back to the year 959. For a long period it was owned by the archbishop of Trier (Treves).

In 1970 the “Deutsche Genossenschaftskasse” handed Montabaur Castle over to the “Academy of Raiffeisen and People`s Banks“. After the merger of the separate cooperative associations into The National Association of German Cooperative Banks in 1972, Montabaur Castle became the centralized training institute for the cooperative sector which cumulated in the foundation of ADG in 1978 which has owned the historical castle ever since.

ADG has constantly been improving, renewing and increasing the comfort and the capacity of the castle and its premises.

Nowadays, Hotel Schloss Montabaur consists of two seminar buildings with 39 rooms available for seminars and conferences, one conference centre with 4 halls to host bigger events with up to 350 attendees and five guest houses with a total of 298 rooms to comfortably accommodate guests.

Hotel Schloss Montabaur is more than just a common conference centre or business hotel: it is history, design, contemporary equipment and strategic location combined, making the four star Hotel one of the best conference Hotels in Germany.