Approach & Main Drivers

Our work is based on strong personal values and principles. At the same time, Global Financial System Development (FSD) is an industry following business rules. We at ADG International have to follow these rules and to organize our projects efficiently and effectively if we want to achieve economic sustainability and a significant benefit for our clients.

Why we do what we do. Our drivers.

However, some of our main drivers should be highlighted:

  • We want to contribute to mitigating injustices by improving conditions of living for those who are victims of global competition and misanthropic politics. For instance, through access to finance, development of SMEs, improvement of agricultural finance instruments, and of regulatory and other structures as well as  framework conditions.

  • We believe that the cooperative business model, just as any other microfinance and SME finance concept, can be a means to reduce poverty and dependencies. Independent of their particular approach/structure, microfinance institutions and cooperative banks prove that banking does not necessarily mean to pursue only profit maximization.

    Banking can be dedicated to improving the living conditions of individuals, improving regional structures and starting-up and further developing (small) businesses. With its peculiarities – focusing on member`s benefits, based on democratic principles and on the help-to-self-help idea – the cooperative business model represents an important pillar of financial participation for the poor.

  • We think that access to education and effective capacity development can have a high impact on development prospects of people and enterprises.

 "Job training empowers people to realize their dreams and improve their lives." 
                           (Sylvia Mathews Burwell)

In other words: We are convinced that our work in the FSD is purposeful and relevant.
BUT...It is only purposeful if it actually leads to the intended results and creates sustainable impact.


Why we do what we do. Our approach.

Sustainable impact is where the professionalism of measures and the specifics of our approach come in.

  • Clear Focus

    We are not "Jack of all trades": we have a special focus on Human Resource Development (HRD) and have our core competence in the field of Capacity Building.

  • Sustainable HRD

    Particular training measures are nice to have. A systematic, structured HRD is key. If financial enterprises want to reach their strategic goals, to achieve impact and to experience sustainable training results, they have to align their capacity development. HRD contributes to business success only if it is matched with …

    • the company's strategic targets,
    • the organizational structures,
    • the implementation of a well-functioning HR department equipped with motivated and competent people,
    • consistent career development paths for the staff.

    Why invest in people and waste their potential afterwards?

  • Strategic Partnerships

    Sticking to the HRD focus but at the same time being able to provide the full range of services requested in FSD projects calls for strong and reliable partnerships. For many years we have been cooperating e.g. with our partners from AFC-International (Bonn, and the International Department of DGRV (the German Cooperative Auditing Federation

  • Quality assurance

    In addition to the internal ADG International team we have a pool of more than 1000 external financial experts available. We thoroughly select, brief and back-stop the optimally suited expert(s) for the respective tasks. We foster tight and long-term partnerships with our experts. Every year we invite our key experts (and future experts) to attend our “Financial Expert Day”. A platform where we dive deep into relevant relevant FSD topics and strengthen the network.

  • Lern from best practice

    ADG International works as a platform: connecting practitioners with universities; locals with internationals; bank managers from one country with decision makers from other countries (see “practitioners exchange programs”). Why invent the wheel again & again? We carefully match peers and facilitate the experience exchange process.